3 Best Homemade Winter Masks for Dry And Damaged Hair/Scalp

Have You Tried These Winter Masks For Dry Hair Yet?

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Long and shiny hairs are considered a beauty of women. Some naturally have strong hair and other can make hair strong with proper care and balance diet. This is also a fact we do not pay attention on our hairs due to busy life but still we do blow drying, straightening and coloring that can damage hair as well as scalp. There are many hair masks those can use for hair care though hair masks are very effective but expensive also. We should not use those chemical hair products that cause damaging results. So the best alternate is to make your mask at home with natural ingredients. You can find many things in your kitchen to help your hair to restore its condition. Now get ready for your long awaited parties of winter without having dull, dry and damaged hair. The 3 best homemade masks are these.

1) Banana Hair…

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