How I Spent My V-Day Weekend!!

celebratelove3On Saturday, February 15, My best friend Kadian and I had the pleasure of being invited as guests to Suite Brigitte and day of pampering event entitled “Love Thy Neighbor” at the Shoe Lounge boutique in Atlanta. This event was designed to benefit the young female/youth empowerment program while providing an afternoon of indulgence for guests. The event also provided the perfect opportunity for Shoe Lounge to showcase their latest fashion trends to attendees.

The event began at 2PM but Kadian and I did not arrived until 3PM due to my “misplacement” of my car keys (lol). This was not my first time at the Shoe Lounge and I could not help but browse  around the beautiful selection of shoes on display. Once me and Kadian went upstairs, we were greeted by Bridgette of Suite Bridgette, independent beauty consultant Tina Broughton, and Jewelry Designer Avanti Lemons.

The guests and I had the pleasure of receiving complimentary cupcakes and drinks, satin hand treatments, energy work, aromatherapy, as well as mini makeovers from Tina Broughton using Mary Kay Cosmetics. The cupcakes were made by a local vendor (unfortunately I didn’t get the name) and were so delicious! I had to stop myself from eating too many (lol). I absolutely enjoyed the Mary Kay products Tina used I just wish I could have remembered what foundation color I was 😦 .Avanti Lemons showcased her latest creations along side her mentor for guests to purchase.

1891621_10152238689753024_471497124_oAs 4:30 rolled around, all guests and vendors (including Kadian and I) participated in a ticket raffle to potentially win gift bags filled with goodies from Mary Kay Cosmetics. I waited anxiously as the numbers were being called out. A total of three numbers were called and none were mine 😦 Kadian won a gift bag of goodies which she proudly threw in my face. She got the evil eye from me for the rest of the evening lol. (Don’t mind us we can get competitive). The event wrapped up around 5PM. We made our goodbyes but NOT before I could take a cupcake to go lol. Overall,I definitely enjoyed the atmosphere and the lovely set of ladies I got to mingle with.

1889596_10152238652253024_718111189_o 1924631_10152238653013024_1959503505_o 1925099_10152238599203024_101938896_o 1889427_10152238613833024_115645214_o 1902223_10152238590468024_756568906_o 1937621_10152238590538024_1562813661_o 1920752_10152238596423024_209535480_o 1902271_10152238588513024_875423458_o  1920888_10152238588183024_2135007797_o 1938927_10152238631103024_1269762787_o 1920722_10152238633678024_287769114_o1901065_10152238684258024_15915597_o1938795_10152238615873024_468592285_o

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