I was in tears when I saw these memes!! LOL!!


Since going natural I’ve had DOZENS of people stop in their tracks and ask me a million and one hair related questions (which I didn’t mind, I love talking about hair care 🙂 ). People also ask if they could touch my hair and I grant them permission. I never once felt the urge to falcon punch someone for touching it BUT people always had common courtesy to ASK me before they violated my tresses. My friends touch my hair at random and I don’t mind because they are indeed MY FRIENDS but I probably would karate chop a stranger in the throat if they did so at random without asking. One of my close friends, no matter how close you are to her, if  you touch her hair she goes BANANAS!

I say this to ask you, have your tresses been violated by undesirable finger tips? How do you feel when it happens?


  1. I most definitely don’t mind someone asking to touch my hair and people stop and ask me as we’ll about what I use in my hair etc. I’ve had few people just ask me if my curly hair is real and they didn’t believe me. At that time I was a cashier and she just reached around the register and touched my hair and gave it a light tug…I was totally shocked lol

    • LOL that’s crazy! In regards to the lady grabbing your hair like that! When my hair was shorter, wash n go’s were my hairstyle. One of my favorite Vloggers on YouTube HairCrush said a lady not only touched her hair but looking all hard at her scalp for tracks!! LOL SMH. People can be ridiculous. Back when I did wash n gos a lot I had customers (when I worked at a beauty supply store) accuse me of having a “twist-out”, saying my hair can’t be THAT define without twisting it LOL.

  2. Having goods natural hair is nice. You have to maintain your natural hairs as it is and maintain it as it looks beautiful on you and improve your face attraction. Curly hair is everyone attraction, everyone want to touch it, feel it, grab it, to play with them. Oh yes tresspassers should be prosecuted but your well wishers should be honoured politely . Get some ideas on natural hair from this website and it must be useful to maintain a good natural hair. http://going-natural.com/

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