Late But Great Post! Lil Bibby Single Release Party!

On  January 16th, I had the pleasure to be in attendance for Mail Hunter and Tree Sound Studios dinner party for up and coming Chicago rapper Lil Bibby to celebrate the success of his Free Crack mixtape along with the unveiling of his video for his hit single “Water”. I thoroughly enjoyed networking with various media representatives and the food definitely hit the spot 🙂 . Check him out. He’s actually pretty good if you are into Rap music.  For more information on Lil Bibby click here.

P.S. They opened the floor to give media the opportunity to ask questions, so you will hear my little voice right at 2:04 in the video. You won’t be able see me or Jen, we were surrounded by tall people 😦 #shortpeopleproblems.

Photos were provided by my friend Jennifer (also known as Jeni Bella).

IMG_5549 copy IMG_5550 copy IMG_5551 copy IMG_5553 copy IMG_5558 copy IMG_5564 copy IMG_5566 copy IMG_5567 copy IMG_5569 copy IMG_5571 copy IMG_5573 copy IMG_5575 copy IMG_5587 copy IMG_5596 copy IMG_5605 copy IMG_5628 copy IMG_5639 copy IMG_5661 copy IMG_5663 copy IMG_5665 copy IMG_5669 copy

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