#IHeardMastermind: Rick Ross’ Private Album Listening Party In Atlanta!!

#IHeardMastermind: Rick Ross' Album Listening Party In Atlanta!!

On Thursday, February 20th, Jennifer and I attended Rick Ross’ Mastermind Album Listening Party on behalf of {C} Magazine. The event began at 8 PM and as I was in route, Jennifer texted me and told me she was running late and would arrive around 9:30-10 PM. Instantly, I felt an explosion of butterflies in my stomach. I get so nervous being at events by myself let alone around Entertainment Industry Professionals. I arrived around 8:20 and after getting by cops, security, and three RSVP checklists I was inside. Nerves began to set it. Anxiety spread all over my body once I scoped the room and didn’t see any familiar faces. I grabbed a drink from the bar to calm my nerves as I observed everyone in the room. 10 minutes goes by and I see a familiar face from {C} Magazine and my mini panic attack goes away (lol).

Once the main room in the studio was setup, everyone was asked to take a seat. We were advised not to take pictures so Jennifer did not bring her camera. BUT later found out media could take pictures so Jen leaving her camera was all in vein 😦 but here are some pictures here from FreddyO. Overall it was a great event. Had the opportunity to mingle (once the nerves were gone lol), eat good and meet new people!


From each track from Mastermind, Rick Ross team created video visuals to paint a vivid picture of the story Rick Ross is telling in his songs.Mastermind’s is executive produced by Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, ‘Mastermind’ features guest appearances from Jay-Z, Jeezy, The Weeknd, Kanye West, Big Sean, Meek Mill, Lil Wayne, French Montana, Diddy, Scarface, Sizzla, Mavado, and Z-Ro. Mastermind’s official single, “The Devil Is a Lie” ft Jay-Z is already released to the public. The track list includes:

 1. Intro

2. Rich Is Gangsta

3. Drug Dealer’s Dream

4. Shots Fired

5. Nobody

6. The Devil Is A Lie [ft. JAY Z]

7. Mafia Music III [ft. Sizzla & Mavado]

8. War Ready [ft. Jeezy]

9. What A Shame

10. Supreme

11. BLK & WHT

12. Dope Bitch Skit

13. In Vein [ft. The Weeknd]

14. Sanctified [ft. Kanye West & Big Sean]

15. Walkin On Air [ft. Meek Mill]

16. Thug Cry [ft. Lil Wayne]

 My personal favorites are Mafia Music, War Ready, Supreme, In Vein and Sanctified but the WHOLE ALBUM is great!! Make sure to check it out. Album drops March 4th.

P.S My hair turned into a frizz ball but I liked it 🙂

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