I’ve Fallen In Love With Voscato!!

Image(For Ages 21+)

I will not do too many posts about Alcoholic beverages but I HAVE to talk about this! I know what you’re probably thinking? What on earth exactly IS Voscato???? Voscato, with a motto “The Best Of Both Worlds” is a blend of premium vodka and sparkling moscato founded in January 2013. So here’s the shorten explanation, Vodka + Moscato = Voscato. Why did the makers go with Vodka and Sparkling Moscato? Voscato blended these elements to market their product to both men and women. Voscato specifically state in their bio:

A creation from the best of two worlds, the perfect union of wine and spirit that has the elegant softly sweetened taste of moscato wine for the ladies with the subtle underlying strength of vodka for men, resulting in an amazingly refreshing infusion that tantalizes and teases the taste buds, all delivered in a burst of delicate bubbles.


Voscato comes in three flavors, Peach, Rose, Coconut and will release a non-sparkling version soon!  I had the pleasure of tasting Voscato’s Peach flavor at The Shoe Lounge Second Year Anniversary: Life of Luxury Pamper Party and it was DELICIOUS! A Voscato representative at the Event allowed attendees to taste regular Moscato and Voscato to compare the two, and there was a distinct difference. Moscato is sweeter than Voscato (due to Vodka mix) but it is still very sweet. The Vodka in Voscato is not overpowering but you DEFINITELY know its there.  Plus the texture of Moscato seemed much heavier than the Voscato (if that makes any sense).

Overall, Voscato is good in my book. I am a fan of sweet wines and fruity drinks and Voscato did not disappoint. Its more of a “party drink” but it can be used in any occasion rather it’s a gathering of friends, going on a night on the town, or even having an intimate night in. You decide.

Voscato is currently available in Atlanta, GA, New York and Miami with future plans to expand to more cities! If you are in Georgia, you can purchase Voscato at these fine retailers here.

To receive more information or updates on this brand, visit the website http://www.drinkvoscato.com/. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Do NOT let that sweet taste fool you. The Vodka will definitely sneak up on you. At the Shoe Lounge, The Rep for Voscato told me this is 3 glasses is equivalent to 7 shots! O_O. Two glasses and I was feeling it (but than again I’m a light weight 🙂 ). As with all alcoholic beverages, drink responsibly.

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