My Mom Goes Au Natural!!!

After years of her addiction to perm a.k.a the creamy crack, she finally decides to go natural .  NOT without being a little difficult 🙂 . I’ve been trying to convince her to go natural for some time for health benefits and on top of that  she has a beautiful head of hair that she refused to embrace at the time.

Like all women (including myself) who’ve used perm for several years and decide to go natural have NO idea how their hair is going to look. And this TERRIFIED her. She’d had been transition for about 4-5 months and hated the two textures fighting for control. She wanted her natural hair to be same texture like her Mother (Grandma was half Indian/African American) and knowing her if it didn’t come out that way she’d made plans to straighten it. She even began to chicken out more by stating “Maybe I will get it pressed, cut into a bob, then gradually get it trimmed until all the perm is out.” I was supportive of whatever decision she made regardless but I definitely wanted her to embrace her hair texture.

After a few moments of debate she decides to do a big chop. That’s done now to pick out a salon. I didn’t recommend her to the Salon I’m used to going due to the long ass waiting list PLUS they had a tendency to overbook their hair stylists so you will wait awhile to be serviced. I knew of a young women named Aliah, who owns her own hair salon called 2 S.W.A.G (sister with a gift) and I knew she is excellent with natural hair at hair so I encouraged Mom give her a try.

Here is Mom’s hair before the appointment!!! 🙂


Her at the salon!!

The hair cut included shampoo, conditioner, steam hydration, and shape up. When Aliah began cutting I realized me and Mother had the same texture! I know DUH that’s your Mom!! (lol) But you will be surprised that many Mothers, Daughters, Siblings, etc… do not share the exact hair type. Moving forward. Like me she has 0% shrinkage in the front with loose curl at the top but has  80% shrinkage on the back with a kinkier texture.


The End Result!! & She likes it! She really likes it!! She could not stop looking at herself in the mirror lol. Aliah did a great job and I was more than happy she embraced her natural texture. She told me she will more than likely keep it short. Its much easier for her to maintain it plus she has carpool tunnel in her hands so twisting hair is definitely out of the question. I think I may have found a new hair stylist to go to…..



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