What Are Relaxers REALLY Doing To Your Hair & Health?!

As I was surfing through my favorite pastime YouTube, I stumbled upon this video entitled “What A Relaxer Is Really Doing To Your Hair” by The Green Beauty Channel. Even though I (I’m sure you all have as well) seen shows, discussions, Chris Rock’s “Good Hair,” etc.. on the topic, I was quite intrigued and impressed by the way she presented this topic and explained scientifically how the creamy crack can cause damaging effects to the hair and scalp.

Random Disclaimer: Just like the creator of this video, I am not discouraging anyone from using Perms, at the end of the day it is Your Hair and do what you please to it because it is so. This video is just to inform and educate. The Beauty Green Channel has more great videos here

4 thoughts on “What Are Relaxers REALLY Doing To Your Hair & Health?!

  1. Great blog post ! I know it’s totally random but once I went to a salon here my aunt owns and they put a relaxer in my hair and I didn’t even know smh. Just because they didn’t want to deal with super curly hair crazy right ? Took me almost 3 years to grow out and my hair is finally healthy again ( my own aunt the nerve). Needless to say I haven’t been to a salon since because I’m scared lol. I think it’s great you’re letting others know is my point sorry I rambled haha

    • LOL! You’re fine 🙂 . That’s crazy!! I’m sorry you had to experience that! I’ve heard of some stylists putting perms in client’s hair without them knowing so they won’t have to deal with “textured hair.” A friend of mine told me someone she knew went to a salon and they put a perm in her hair and told her they were giving her a “deep treatment.” Smh. Hairstylists are a trip and Lord knows I got a hair horror stories SMH. When I go to a salon (which is rare) it is the ones that specialize in natural hair with reviews from

      • Wow I will have to check that out !! I condition and treat my hair and cut my ends myself it’s so tiring -___-. And that’s what my aunt told me !! She just said it would last longer some “Brazilian treatment ” and the next time I went to a salon they explained how damage it had gotten because of that and thankfully I’m took the right steps to get it healthy but it will never be as thick or have those tight curls again again :(. But your hair is beautiful ! You give me hope lol again thanks for the website and the nice post 🙂

      • Awww thank you! 🙂 & cheer up! You’ll get your hair back to how it was especially now since you are doing the right steps to getting your hair back healthy again. I condition, cut, treat my hair too because the salon was getting too expensive but it is nice to have someone else do it for a change 🙂 . Definitely give a try in locating a salon in your city! It has helped me tremendously!

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