Death By Fitness!


Just when I thought having a boyfriend that’s a personal trainer was cool…boy was I wrong lol!

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were having an interesting conversation about fitness and the current workout regimens he’s using and the ones he has his clients on.  I congratulated him on his hard work and the achievements he’s made at his job Planet Fitness. The before and after pictures of his clients are absolutely AMAZING! While in the midst of that he asks “hey did you get my emails yet?” So I went to my computer, logged in to my gmail account and found 3 emails with 1 file attached to each. Files were titled, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Tuesday and Thursday, and Diet and Nutritional Form. Then it hit me. This man just sent me a workout regimen 😥 .

100% my fault for venting to him a few months back about how I want to have tighter abs, develop more muscle strength, etc. People ask me, “Why don’t you workout with your boyfriend, he’s a personal trainer, blah blah blah.” The answer is simple. Although he is quite lovable he is tough when it comes to fitness. I would ask him for advice here or there but his workout are WAY more advanced than my little 30 minute jog, 15 minute weights, 15 min mountain climbers and some random squats thrown in the mix.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Workout

Warm up: overhead shoulder stretch, arms stretch across chest, shoulder flex, overhead shoulder.

Cardio: fifteen minute jog and 70% of your top speed, either on a treadmill or out in the open.

Abs: 100 crunches, 200 bicycles, 50 toe touches.

Muscle focus: push Ups , arm curls, 4 x 20.

Abs: mountain climbers 1 minutes, 30 seconds rest ((repeat four times))

Cardio: jumping jacks for two minutes with one minute rest. ((repeat five times ))

Stretch: spinal twist, knee to chest, back extension, spinal trunk, calf stretch, cat stretch, forward lunge, side lunge

Tuesday & Thursday Workout

Warm up: stretch your legs in every way that you can. Also remember to stretch your torso and abdominal

Cardio: Jog in place 1 minute,high knees in place ,1 minute jumpin jack,1 minute Run in place, 1 minute rest(( repeat 3 times))

Abs: 1 minute crunches,1 minute bicycles ,1 minute crunch ,1 minute bicycles 1 minute rest repeat 3 times

Muscle Focus: 50 Squats,15 jump squats, 20 Lunges, all at fast pace. ((repeat 4 times))

Abs: Mountain climbers, v-UPS,Mountain climbers, v-UPS,rest ((each is one minue a piece))> (( repeat twice))

Cardio: jumping Jacks fast pace 1 minute , rest 30 seconds. ((repeat 4 times))

Stretch: legs!!!!

After viewing and comprehending the workout, the first thing I asked “I’m not going to lose too much weight with this workout AM I?!?! I am 5’4, weighting at 120 lb. You KNOW That I Am Already Teased For Being So Tiny!” lol. He laughed and said “no and that it should just tone you up.”

Now have I done these all five days of the week, no. (I hope he doesn’t see this post EVER LOL) Simply because I’m out of shape for one (have not worked out for about 3-4 months), in consistent work schedule as of late plus I’m honestly not used to doing so much.

I’ve used this regimen for the past 3 weeks and I will say that I am feeling and sleeping a lot better. I am still a beginner so I use this regimen twice a week and then I will gradually increase my days. One day this workout won’t be so tough once I stay consistent. And once I’m used to this regimen, he will send me a harder one :/


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