That Awkward Moment When You’re The Only White Person In A Group Of Minorities Facing Racial Ignorance


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Awkward Moment Blog By Lindsey

…Except it’s not awkward – it’s uncomfortably eye-opening.

It’s amazing how us humans can take years to build up our own courage to be vulnerable or kind with the world, and yet we can tear someone else’s down in a matter of seconds.

I recently took a trip to Lake George in Upstate New York with some of my friends for 4th of July weekend, and while I see them as simply that, my regular friends, the rest of the community did not.

I, myself, am a woman who has white skin, and yes, the majority of my friends don’t. That factor, however, has never impacted my relationship with them, and we have deemed it irrelevant. We have a lot of similarities, whether it be the fact that I live and breathe hip-hop culture the same way some of them do, that we share the same opinion on a topic, or that our…

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