Don’t Let This Happen To You…….


Ladies please PLEASE get those trims and get them on time! I can’t stress it enough. I hate seeing women going months and months without getting a trim to hold on to length unknowingly losing more hair in the process.

I’ll admit it, I was guilty of this in my perm days. You couldn’t tell me nothing when my hair went past my shoulders but as soon as it did, the ends would snap like a twig. Frustrated and dissatisfied, I decided to take matters into my own hands and stopped getting trims. This campaign went on for several months and was proud of the little length I had gained. Prom was around the corner and I had enough length for the up-do I wanted without the use of weave. Or so I thought. :/

I’ll never forget the day going into the salon. I readily showed my hairstylist the up-do I wanted and she agreed that it was a great style choice. Her mind quickly changed once she examined my hair strands. She tapped me on shoulder ever so gently and asked, “When was the last time you got a trim?! The back of your hair is broken off really bad..The only way this will work with that hairstyle is to get some extensions in the back to fill it out and your hair will need to be cut soon.”

My heart sank. I was actually trying to avoid weave (for shallow bragging purposes) and Lord behold it was my savior for prom. I couldn’t believe I went so long without noticing how bad the back had broken off. I mean I noticed the breakage but I guess I was so blinded by the lust of long hair that I shrugged it off. Long story short, I got the weave, prom was a success and the following week, instead of having a trim, I had a full blown CUT. My hair went from shoulder length to Bob at the snip of the sheers :(. It was cute and most importantly it was in good shape.

Moral of the story is get those trims. They suck but they are so worth it 🙂

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