So This Happened: Cosmo Uses Black Models For Trends That Need To “Die”

Wow…Smh. Waits for fake apology in 5…4..3..2..

Global Grind

A controversial Cosmopolitan article has surfaced, and now some are calling for a boycott of the magazine. “21 Beauty Trends That Need To Die” was published on the magazine’s website in January and compared “gorgeous” trends with trends that need to “die.”

Sounds innocent enough, except only White models were used for every “gorgeous” trend, while one fifth of the “R.I.P.” trends were modeled by women of color. Shared over 80,000 times, the article warranted angry reactions on social media when it resurfaced yesterday.

It’s no secret that diversity has always been an issue within the fashion industry, and Cosmo is now the latest outlet to disappoint us.


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