Artist Spotlight: Rising R&B Superstar & Former “The Voice” Contestant Vedo Releases His Latest Single “Classic”


I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Benton Harbor, Michigan’s very own up and coming R&B sensation Vedo. The former finalist from the fourth season of the popular NBC’s talent competition The Voice dishes the recent release of his single, Classic, his experience on The Voice, life after the show and much more!

Click here to listen to a snippet of his single Classic on SoundCloud.

“What age did you develop a passion for music?”

Vedo: “I’ve always had a passion for music, maybe at the age of 8. Really 7! Actually my Dad just told me a story that I forgot about. He said I when I was 7 years old I was singing in church leading the choir. You know I totally forgot about that until he reminded me (chuckles). I always had a passion for music. I always had a love for the art and the way it makes you feel because music is suppose to invoke any type of emotion whether it is sadness, happiness or anything.”

“What Musicians inspire your music?”

Vedo: “Let’s start off with the oldest first. The Temptations, most definitely, they inspire a lot of my music. They inspire just as far as harmonies and how tight knit they were. Another one would have to be Michael Jackson. He’s amazing. He does anything, he sings Pop, R&B, Rock or whatever. Definitely Michael. Usher, he kind of represents the 90s R&B, which is slowly coming back. So I think those are some of the artist that influence my music. Of course I listen to everybody. I listen to Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and anybody’s music in general but I think those three are pretty much the top three that influence my music.”


“I agree. I am so happy 90s R&B is making a comeback. Thank you Jesus! (Laughs).”

Vedo: “(Laughs) I’m telling you!”

 “It was the struggle for a while; I’m not going to lie.”

Vedo: “Yeah exactly! We’re still in high water for right now but you know we’re slowly coming out of it, with artist like myself putting out music. Good music that people can listen to and be like “he aint got a whole bunch of auto tune on his voice and I like that.”


Vedo: “Yeah we’re slowly coming back into that authenticity of R&B, what it really means Rhythm & Blues and not “R&B” in the club. You know, stuff like that (chuckles).”

“Yeah. I mean it was fun, don’t get me wrong but, it’s like too much. (Laughs)”

Vedo: “(Laughs) I mean I got those types of records too. I got the club records to as well.”

“I know that you are a singer, dancer and you writer your own songs and what not. Do you play any instruments as well?”

Vedo: “I don’t honestly. I am learning to play the piano and acoustic guitar. So I think I am going to try to master the piano first because once you play the piano, you can pretty much learn any instrument you know what I mean. So I think right now, one of my focuses are learning how to play the piano. Just trying to get that down packed. As of right now, I don’t really play. I wouldn’t get on stage and play something, I’m not to that point just yet.”


“That’s what’s up! At least you are trying.”

Vedo: “Of course, most definitely. Once I master an instrument, oh they are really going to be in trouble!”

Exactly! (Chuckles) Tell me about some of your experiences on The Voice, especially since you got to work with one of the artists that inspire you (Usher). How has it impacted your life since you’ve been on that show?

Vedo: “Awe man, it’s been crazy! You know I am slowly becoming that person that everybody knows. Like when I go out; I went out last night to a little spot and I took some pictures with some people and it really dong on me that I am really in the mist of it. You know just ravish in the moment. It changed my life tremendously. My fan base grew overnight. I got people wanting to work with me all the time because I had the opportunity to show them who I am and what I can do. It has changed my life. In reference to recognition, I get messages from people 15 years old to people who are 51, telling me that I inspire them. And for me to inspire someone that is 51 says a lot. But yes, my life has changed tremendously. I think I am still learning but I feel as an artist I will go down in music history. I am becoming a household name.”

“Were you nervous at all working with Usher?”

Vedo: “Oh of course! (Laughs) I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t. Of course on TV, I didn’t want to seem like a groupie (chuckles). I definitely was nervous and I did not want to mess up. You get to a point or get the opportunity to sing for someone like that, and not just him (Usher), just singing on stage in front of a lot of people I was nervous to begin with. And of course when it is like that, you do not want to mess up and I think that’s what it was but one thing I always learned is to just to do it. Don’t think about it because every time you think about stuff, it never fails. Every time I find myself thinking about something on stage I always mess up. Always. So it was kind of like just go out there and do what you do best. But yea I was definitely nervous (laughs) but I got over that easily because Usher is super cool. He’s not one of those “Oh, I’m Usher, I do this, I’m this and that, etc…” He’s not one of those people, he’s kind of like “I’ve been there before so I know what it takes.”

“What was the best advice that was given to you on the show, like from Usher, Pharrell, you know, whomever else you encountered on the show (The Voice)?”

Vedo: “The best advice was to trust your instincts. When you are on stage just trust yourself. And it goes back to saying not thinking about it. If you trust that you can hit that note. You have to trust yourself that you can do this or do that. Just believe in yourself. Just got with it. Go with that gut feeling. At the end of the day, that gut feeling is usually the way to go. From Usher it was definitely to trust your instincts and don’t change. Be yourself. What you are doing right now is working. People are falling in love with you so don’t change. Why change now? That was the best advise he gave to me but Usher got quotes. Every time I talk to him, he has a new quote. I got so many other quotes that he gave me that I kind of put into everyday life.”

“That’s great! I wanted to definitely congratulate you on your single release for Classic.”

Vedo: “Thank you, thank you. I appreciate that.”

“Sure, no problem! Since the release of the song, how have your fans and industry peers reacted to the single?”

Vedo: “Awe Man, (chuckles) I get text messages and phone calls all the time saying “I see that record hitting the charts.” It’s crazy and I love it! My fans are very in tuned, they record videos of them dancing to the song and they love it. My fans have always been warming but just to hear stuff from my industry peers saying, “congrats man!” or “this record might be the record” that’s when it takes you over the top. I get those types of calls or those types of text messages from people that have sold millions of records so that makes me feel really good.”


“Is the single apart of a bigger project like an album or LP in the near future?”

Vedo: “Yes it is.”

“Oh nice!”

Vedo: “Yes we are looking to release an LP the end of this year if not the beginning of 2016. My first single (All I Wanna Do) was kind of the introduction of who I was. All I Wanna Do single has a little edge to it like, he can sing and dance as well. Classic is kind of straight down the middle; good R&B feel good music, nice beat, modern, and we are blessed if we are too able to release a third single. But it (Classic) is definitely apart of my LP that I will release. I don’t have a name or release date for it yet, but it is definitely coming.”

“Is there a music video in works for the new single?”

Vedo: “Yes it is. We are actually talking to a few directors here in Atlanta. One of my good friends Chad Tennies, he actually shot one of my very first video Traffic Jam and he’s been all over the world since then. Also been talking to Slick 23, he’s in Atlanta but we’re looking to do something out of the ordinary. We did not want it to be too cookie cutter or clique’ but don’t want it to be too complicated to where people do not understand. It is one of those records that you don’t really have to try and sell, it will sell itself. So we are just taking it day-by-day, coming up with ideas you know pitching it to the label, pitching it to each other to see what everybody thinks.”

ChaRey: “Do you have any shows or events coming up as well?”

Vedo: “I do. I have a couple shows. I have one in Philly on the 27th of August. On the 28th of August in Indiana I am opening up for Rich Homie Quan. Indiana is like my hometown too. I grew up there. Also, I may possibly take a trip to Japan for a few shows.”

“What other Artist would you want to open up for or possibly tour with?”

Vedo: “I’m pretty sure you know the first answer. Usher (chuckles).” Definitely want to open up for him. I would love to open up for Sam Smith. Sam Smith is super dope and he has a broad fan base that is very, very supportive of him. I would love to open up for Chris Brown. Trey Songz too.”

“Do have any advice for anyone trying to enter the music industry?”

Vedo: “I do! One piece of advice is everything that glitters aint gold. Don’t jump at the first opportunity you see. I get so many people coming to me saying that they can do this and do that, but I don’t get excited about it unless it is something that we can look into and can be beneficial to my campaign. Just take you time. Don’t be quick to sign you life away to these major labels. And be yourself! Don’t let anybody change you no matter what. No amount of money or anything. You came into this world one-way and that’s how you should leave. Never submit to someone changing who you are for their comfort because that’s what happens to a lot of artist right now. They get signed to these labels then the label goes “we’re going to go in the file cabinet and give you this personality.” This who you are going to be verses what you truly want to be. I think that’s where a lot of artists fail because we as the consumer can see through that. You just have to be yourself and that is just pieces of advice that I will give artists coming up because that’s what I had to do. I had to stick to my guns because so many people tried to come in and tell me “you should do this, you should change this,” No. If it is working this way so why change it? We can make a few adjustments but I am not going to change anything.”

“Exactly! Then you hear about a lot of people leaving labels, trying to get out of their contracts due to “creative differences” and stuff like that all the time.”

Vedo: “Exactly! Exactly. I think creative control, as an artist is very, very important so that was one of the things that I stressed. I wanted to be able to keep creative control of my project because at the end of the day it is my project. I’m not going to put out an album and I don’t love it.”

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