Just When I Thought I Couldn’t Love Tyrese Anymore Than I Already Do…

Then he has this interview ❤ 🙂

Love, Love, LOVE his latest interview with “The Breakfast Club’s” very own Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee, where he discuss the success and inspiration of his new and final album Black Rose, while dropping words of wisdom for the viewers. His album is now the #1 Independent album in the country and I love how he sought to prove R&B music is not a dead genre.

I especially love how he explains that you do not need to compromise yourself into getting into situations or antics just to create a buzz around your creativity, which a lot of people seem to fall into. You can still become successful with no features or following trends for publicity.

Well enough of me blabbing. I’ll let the interview speak for itself. 😉

Are We As A Society Too Hypocritical?


Hey guys! Long time, no post I know! I’ve been so busy. I will try to do better I promise :).

Any who, back to the subject at hand.  As we all know by now, some time a week or so Bruce Jenner showed the world he has transcended into Caitlyn in Vanity Fair and had the Internet buzzing! For the most part, she has been embraced by many, received mostly positive remarks and even offered the ESPY Courage Award (even though some do not feel she deserves it).

At first, I was’t going to touch on this subject because EVERYONE else was talking about it already. Plus, my motto in life is “do whatever makes you happy, as long as you are not hurting anyone else in the process.” However, I saw this post traveling down my timeline on Instagram and had me intrigued a bit.

When I clicked on this post, it was a slew of of likes and comments that agreed with the post. A few commenters (mostly women) disagreed and it ended up being a heated debate in the comment section.

 I will admit society can be hypocritical at times. Nowadays, we (not everyone sadly) are a lot more accepting of someone who is gay or transgender. Honestly, it takes courage to come out and express who you are to your loved ones and the world around you with the possibility of being disowned, ridiculed, beaten or killed. It does seems like we as a society are quick to accept Caitlyn over the young ladies that are unhappy with their bodies and decided to do something about it.

Here’s how I agree with the post: There are a lot young and adult women who are insecure about their bodies and constantly deal with the pressure of having a particular body image to feel attractive. On top of that, dealing with negative comments from people, reminding them daily how imperfect they are physically.  Both the women and Caitlyn decided to modified their bodies to make themselves happy, confidant and free to be who they are.

Here’s how I disagree: There are women out there who are quick to modified their bodies not necessarily due to insecurities but specifically for a little social media popularity. A lot of women in the entertainment, sex industry/nightlife will often change their bodies to increase their notoriety. We all know sadly sex sells. If a stripper, bottle girl, bartender, hell even a Hooter’s girl gets butt injections, liposuction and/or breast implants, their tips will increase. You can even be famous nowadays just because you look good. Disturbingly, there was a screenshot of a young lady who recently had butt injections (specifically it was a picture of the injection site ewww!) that was floating around on Instagram. In the picture, the women made a caption stating that she admits to having the procedure, proud of having the procedure and how her body is going to get her “far” in life. Smh. That’s how I say it is different. The intention or motives behind getting the modifications done are different.

But, then again, who am I to judge? Like I stated previously, “do whatever makes you happy, as long as you are not hurting anyone else in the process.” That is the code that I live by. It’s your body and we all have one life to live. Do as you please.

What is your take on it?