How I Spent My V-Day Weekend!!

celebratelove3On Saturday, February 15, My best friend Kadian and I had the pleasure of being invited as guests to Suite Brigitte and day of pampering event entitled “Love Thy Neighbor” at the Shoe Lounge boutique in Atlanta. This event was designed to benefit the young female/youth empowerment program while providing an afternoon of indulgence for guests. The event also provided the perfect opportunity for Shoe Lounge to showcase their latest fashion trends to attendees.

The event began at 2PM but Kadian and I did not arrived until 3PM due to my “misplacement” of my car keys (lol). This was not my first time at the Shoe Lounge and I could not help but browse  around the beautiful selection of shoes on display. Once me and Kadian went upstairs, we were greeted by Bridgette of Suite Bridgette, independent beauty consultant Tina Broughton, and Jewelry Designer Avanti Lemons.

The guests and I had the pleasure of receiving complimentary cupcakes and drinks, satin hand treatments, energy work, aromatherapy, as well as mini makeovers from Tina Broughton using Mary Kay Cosmetics. The cupcakes were made by a local vendor (unfortunately I didn’t get the name) and were so delicious! I had to stop myself from eating too many (lol). I absolutely enjoyed the Mary Kay products Tina used I just wish I could have remembered what foundation color I was 😦 .Avanti Lemons showcased her latest creations along side her mentor for guests to purchase.

1891621_10152238689753024_471497124_oAs 4:30 rolled around, all guests and vendors (including Kadian and I) participated in a ticket raffle to potentially win gift bags filled with goodies from Mary Kay Cosmetics. I waited anxiously as the numbers were being called out. A total of three numbers were called and none were mine 😦 Kadian won a gift bag of goodies which she proudly threw in my face. She got the evil eye from me for the rest of the evening lol. (Don’t mind us we can get competitive). The event wrapped up around 5PM. We made our goodbyes but NOT before I could take a cupcake to go lol. Overall,I definitely enjoyed the atmosphere and the lovely set of ladies I got to mingle with.

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A Recap Of Giving Is Glam’s Very Own GLAMBITIOUS EMPOWERMENT PANEL & MIXER Hosted By Lifestyle Publicist Lillie Mae!

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend the Glambitious Empowerment Panel & Mixer, which took place at celebrity chef Rob Gayle’ Restaurant “Chef Rob’s Caribbean Café & Upscale Lounge” in Roswell, Georgia Wednesday, February 5, 2014.


Entertainment Publicist and Celebrity Correspondent Lillie Mae along side Rolling Out Magazine, BE Magazine, Its My Hair Magazine, Chef’s Rob’s Upscale Lounge and T-shirt Divas collaborated to create this phenomenal gathering of female business owners designed to give attendee the opportunity to network, discuss professional experiences, overcoming adversity, balancing work and home, and how to be successful. There were a variety of giveaways and the event collected gently worn shoes for the “40 Girls and Some Shoes” nonprofit organization.

The Panelist consisted of the owner of Tu La 2 Nail Salon Sharlinda Parker (, Life Coach Wendy Nicole Anderson (, Celebrity Chef & Indigenous Activist Chef Ahki (, Fashion Stylist, Blogger & Boutique Owner NeShanta Davis (, and Creator of Bodyology Wear Kelly Burton (

The event began at 7 PM, which allowed the attendees to get settled, network and order delicious dishes from Chef Rob’s kitchen. I arrived at 7:30 and was immediately impressed by the ambiance of the restaurant. Dim lights, vibrant colors and the sultry sounds of the Caribbean alone will keep you coming back for more. You can check out Chef Rob’s Upscale Lounge here ( and trust me you will not be disappointed. The food is AMAZING! Once 8 PM rolled around, the lovely ladies on the Panel introduced themselves, discussed their brands, and their personal journeys that made them what they are today. Lillie Mae asked the Panel a series of questions such as “How do you balance being an entrepreneur and having a family life?” “What challenges did you face when starting your business and how did you overcome them?” And “How did you achieve success with you brand?” Just to name a few. Once Lillie Mae was finished, she opened the floor to attendees to ask the Panel questions of their own.

Overall, I am extremely thankful to meet such a wonder group of business women. This was a very informational event for female entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting their own business or currently has a brand of their own. I encourage everyone to Like Lillie Mae’s Giving Glam Organization Facebook Page to learn more and attend future events.

I am also glad I went here instead of attending a certain bistro & bar *hint* *hint*

Check out photos of my night here!

Photos Taken By: Rolling Out Magazine (


WEDNESDAY NIGHT RATCHETNESS!! Starring The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Cast

On Sunday, February 2nd, the CEO of my current internship emails me this invite to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality Tv stars Stevie J and Benzino’s restaurant/bar called Sleazy & Zino’s Bistro & Bar private grand opening Wednesday, February 5th to do coverage on the event. I’m not going to lie, the title of this place made me chuckle a bit 🙂


For some odd reason I did not RSVP for the event and I ALWAYS make sure to RSVP, now looking back it was a sign. Back tracking a little bit, I had RSVP to another event entitled Glambitious Empowerment Panel & Influence Mixer.


This event was scheduled for the end of January but due to the snow storm that left GA in terrible disarray, the event was pushed to Wed, February 5th; the same night as Sleazy & Zino’s private grand opening. The Glambitious event started at 7 pm and the red carpet for Sleazy & Zino’s was at 8 pm. My friend and photographer Jennifer; also known as Jeni Bella of 😉 were displeased that we couldn’t attend both so we made a choice. I went to the Glambitious Panel Mixer because I was uncertain that I could attend Sleazy & Zino’s event. Jennifer and another writer for {C} Magazine attended Sleazy & Zino instead. My boss told me I could probably still go to Sleazy & Zino’s but I stayed at the Mixer since I had already parked in all.

Long story short, I DO NOT regret my decision. The Glambitious Empowerment Panel & Influence Mixer was a GREAT event! Meanwhile at Sleazy & Zino’s…….fights broke out! From Jennifer’s account, it took them FOREVER to get inside the venue due to VH1’s live taping of the show and once inside, Benzino’s current girlfriend starts fighting a random chick and it goes down hill from there. Jennifer and the other writer left the scene, which they affectionately call “Ratchet City.” lol! Don’t believe me? Here is footage of the nonsense from TMZ.

A mess if I do say so myself. I honestly watched 3 episodes of the first season and that was it for me. I felt my IQ dropping a few points every time this crap was on. Smh. The worst part is other attendees who had NOTHING to do with the craziness got hurt in the crossfire. Expect lawsuits to be filed very soon. Smh.