A Day Well Spent..

Hey guys and Happy New Year! I am so excited to participate in some new projects coming up. One particular I am happy to announce is collaborating with my close friend and fashion stylist Deme on her upcoming web series entitled, Deme Style Lab. In the series, I interviewed Deme to discuss her career as an independent fashion stylist and business owner of her accessories line Kaboom Beauty, as well as her advice to those that wish to purse careers in the fashion industry. Be on the look out for more announcements on the series!

Here are some BTS shots from us earlier today.





The neckless she’s wearing is currently apart of her free giveaway. Be sure to follow her on Instagram at @demestylez and Kaboom Beauty Instagram @KABOOMBEAUTY for all the details.

Check out my gifts 🙂



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Photo Cred by KEVINXAVILA. @KEVINXAVILA on Instagram. Website:kevinxavila.com

Designer Spotlight: Exclusive Interview With Fashion Designer Jacqueline Lynette & Her Clothing Brand Ja Lynette!

Jacqueline is a very talented fashion designer that I am honored to call a friend. In this interview I ask all the juicy questions in regards to her fashion inspirations, her brand Ja Lynette and upcoming projects.



My name is Jacqueline Lynette and my brand name is Ja Lynette. I have a B.B.A degree in Marketing from Georgia State University and a Fashion Design degree from Bauder College.

How Long Have You Had An Interest In Fashion?

I have been interested in fashion since I was in elementary school but I didn’t start experimenting with it until I was 13. I started teaching myself how to sew and style. My mom was a little annoyed by it. I would cut up and wear almost anything.


What Inspired You To Create Your Clothing Brand?

After countless seasons of project runway, I took a risk and decided I wanted to go back to school for fashion design. That was all I ever wanted to do anyway. The winter after I began my fashion program I created Ja Lynette named after myself. It symbolized me embarking on my true destiny, changing the world through fashion.

How Would You Describe The Style Of Your Clothing Brand?

The style of fashion brand is everyday showpieces. It’s like that popular music question people ask, what songs would put on your soundtrack for life. My question is what you would wear if you had to live your life routines on a big stage. My designs are performer pieces for real life.

How Do You Prepare For A Fashion Shoot Or Show?

It would take several paragraphs to explain how I prepare for a fashion show or shoot. A typical fashion show would take me 2 months to prepare and a photo shoot would take about 2-3 weeks to prepare. The list is endless which includes sketching, recruiting models, sewing the clothing etc.


Who are some of your favorite designers?

My favorite designers are Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Elie Saab and Thierry Mugler

What Other Experience Do You Have In The Fashion Industry?

I have a lot of experience with styling individuals for different types of projects like photo shoots, web shows and music videos

What Are Some Of Your Accomplishments As A Designer?

The accomplishments I have as a designer is being featured in over 10 different fashions in the past 2 years. My greatness accomplishment is seeing people wearing my clothing

What Are Some Of Your Fashion Goals?

My fashion goals are to have a line launch party later this year, impact young creative individuals to follow their dreams and grow my company to a complete lifestyle brand.

Any Upcoming Projects?

The first project I have coming up is Styled By Life web series, which will display the lives of 4 female friends and their highs and lows of young adulthood. This series will be highly fashion based and will premiere in the spring. I will also be displaying my clothing this year in 2 fashion shows this summer.

Where Can People Purchase Your Stuff? Where Can People Find Your Brand on Social Media?

People can find Ja Lynette at JaLynette.com, Twitter @jalynette, and instagram @onejalynette

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