What Are Relaxers REALLY Doing To Your Hair & Health?!

As I was surfing through my favorite pastime YouTube, I stumbled upon this video entitled “What A Relaxer Is Really Doing To Your Hair” by The Green Beauty Channel. Even though I (I’m sure you all have as well) seen shows, discussions, Chris Rock’s “Good Hair,” etc.. on the topic, I was quite intrigued and impressed by the way she presented this topic and explained scientifically how the creamy crack can cause damaging effects to the hair and scalp.

Random Disclaimer: Just like the creator of this video, I am not discouraging anyone from using Perms, at the end of the day it is Your Hair and do what you please to it because it is so. This video is just to inform and educate. The Beauty Green Channel has more great videos here https://www.youtube.com/user/GreenBeautyChannel



I was in tears when I saw these memes!! LOL!!


Since going natural I’ve had DOZENS of people stop in their tracks and ask me a million and one hair related questions (which I didn’t mind, I love talking about hair care 🙂 ). People also ask if they could touch my hair and I grant them permission. I never once felt the urge to falcon punch someone for touching it BUT people always had common courtesy to ASK me before they violated my tresses. My friends touch my hair at random and I don’t mind because they are indeed MY FRIENDS but I probably would karate chop a stranger in the throat if they did so at random without asking. One of my close friends, no matter how close you are to her, if  you touch her hair she goes BANANAS!

I say this to ask you, have your tresses been violated by undesirable finger tips? How do you feel when it happens?

Wash Day! My Hair Routine

IMAG2926I wash my hair every 1 1/2- 2 weeks. For time purposes I ONLY prepoo when my hair is extremely dry or extremely tangled. Before I wash my hair, I make a point to remove all shed hair before proceeding.

Prepoo: I divide my hair in four sections. I saturate my hair with water then add my prepoo mixture to each section at a time. I finger detangle to remove shed hair and knots and use hair clips to pin the hair out of the way. Next I place a plastic cap on my head for about 30-45 minutes. On rare occasion, sit under the dryer for 30 minutes.

IMAG2924Shampooing: I release one section of hair from the hair clip, thoroughly saturate the hair with water than use the Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo (African Black Soap Shampoo when I want a more “clarifying” effect). I massage the shampoo in the section then rinse it out with water. Instead of using the Raw Shea Butter shampoo for the second wash I use Shea Moisture’s Co-Wash so my hair doesn’t feel too stripped while being able to rid my scalp of excess dirt. Rinse out the co-wash, clip the hair out the way and repeat this step with the other three sections.

IMAG2929Conditioning: I keep my hair in the four sections and use my Conditioner mix to thoroughly saturate my hair strands. I clip each section of hair out the way of one another and place a plastic cap over my head. I sit under the dryer for 15-25 minutes. If I don’t use the dryer I keep the mixture in my head for 45 minutes to an hour. Once out the dryer, I detangle my hair each section at a time with a wide toothcomb, place my hair in two strand twists then rinse the conditioner out. I place a tee shirt over my head wrap it turban style to absorb excess water then proceeds to style.

Styling: While my hair is still damp I apply my moisturizer/leave-in of choice, apply my styler, then two strand twists in smaller sections. I apply the grape seed oil right after. I do not apply grape seed oil if my African Shea Butter mix is used as my styler.

At Night: Once my hair is twisted I keep it in a satin scarf. I also have a satin pillowcase on nights I don’t feel like putting on my scarf and to preserve my sexy (lol). I absolutely HATE bonnets with a passion. They seem to ALWAYS get lost in my sheets. 90% of the time my hair is in two-strand twists and I leave them in my twists all week. I only let my hair down for special occasions and/or events. I am too lazy to re-twist my hair every night so I will place my hair in the infamous “pineapple” bun.

And that Is IT! Tell me all about your routines and what works for you!


My Current Product Rotation



Water, Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, & Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze


Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo Or Shea Moisture’s Organic African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo.


Shea Moisture’s Co-Wash Conditioning Cleanser

Deep Conditioner:

Suave Professionals Almond + Shea Butter Conditioner Mix


Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner, Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie & Shea Moisture’s Curl & Style Milk.


Aloe Vera Gel, African Shea Butter Mix, & Eco Styler Gel Olive Oil


Grape Seed Oil Or African Shea Butter Mix


Wide Tooth Comb, Hair Clips, 1 Tee Shirt.

These are the majority of the products I have come to love and adore. Nothing can pretty much top these in my opinion. What are your favorite products?