Since It’s Throw Back Thursday…

Hey Guys!

Wanted to share a few pictures from a previous photoshoot I did early this year in Spring. Been a long time since I did a photoshoot and got to thank my friend DJ for these! Definitely check his other work on Instagram @d.c.skywalker

P.S. Breaking the hiatus with more content on the way. Until then, I hope you enjoy the pics! 🙂

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Restoring My Hair To Its Former Glory!

The reason why I haven’t posted much as of lately is because I have been going THROUGH it. This past month in half I’ve had dealt with drama from loved ones, financial issues due to unexpected expenses and last but not least health issues. But there is light at the end of the tunnel… everything happening is temporary (praise Jesus) and the troubles will melt away shortly. Things are looking up and I am slowly getting a handle on the craziness around me.

Now that things are getting back to normal, there is one thing that isn’t quite there yet…my hair :/

My hair has taken quite a beating due to stress and pure neglect. When I was feeling down I didn’t want to do anything to it and now I am paying the price. My fine hair has ALWAYS been prone to those lovely “fairy knots” but they have definitely taken over my life it seems especially now since my hair is almost bra strap length. Even after a trim, single strand knots still emerge! And lets not forget, the shed hairs that gets caught in hair strands. So frustrating! My detangling sessions seems to be getting longer and longer and the idea of finger detangling makes my hair laugh. I’ve tried new tricks and techniques in my regimen and nothing worked in my favor thus far.

Then yesterday, while scrolling down my subscriptions section on YouTube I noticed one of my favorite Vloggers, Taren Guy had finally posted her salon series! I was excited to see what techniques and tricks the hair stylist will use on her natural hair clients and how I can apply this knowledge to my hair routine. One particular technique that caught my attention is when the stylist used a paddle brush to remove shed hair on the client’s dry hair before shampooing. Yes I said it DRY HAIR. But the technique seems to be effective. The client had the same hair issues I have and it was a pleasure to watch the client’s face as the stylist was detangling her hair at such a fast pace!

Now that I have learned a few new tips from the Salon Series, here are some things I will do to restore my hair back to its former glory. First, I will stick to my old regimen that I posted here. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Not buying new products for a while, UNLESS given to me for review. Also, I will incorporate the paddle brush in my routine and see what happens. I will use the paddle brush before washing my hair and after the conditioning process for detangling. I typically only used my paddle brush when I flat iron my hair because I was concerned that it would rip my hair out; but on the war on fairly knots, desperate times calls for desperate measures. & if I do rip it, its just hair it will grow back.

If you haven’t watched Taren Guy’s Salon Series you need to get on it! There are three episodes thus far with more videos and different hair textures to come!

What Are Relaxers REALLY Doing To Your Hair & Health?!

As I was surfing through my favorite pastime YouTube, I stumbled upon this video entitled “What A Relaxer Is Really Doing To Your Hair” by The Green Beauty Channel. Even though I (I’m sure you all have as well) seen shows, discussions, Chris Rock’s “Good Hair,” etc.. on the topic, I was quite intrigued and impressed by the way she presented this topic and explained scientifically how the creamy crack can cause damaging effects to the hair and scalp.

Random Disclaimer: Just like the creator of this video, I am not discouraging anyone from using Perms, at the end of the day it is Your Hair and do what you please to it because it is so. This video is just to inform and educate. The Beauty Green Channel has more great videos here

My Mom Goes Au Natural!!!

After years of her addiction to perm a.k.a the creamy crack, she finally decides to go natural .  NOT without being a little difficult 🙂 . I’ve been trying to convince her to go natural for some time for health benefits and on top of that  she has a beautiful head of hair that she refused to embrace at the time.

Like all women (including myself) who’ve used perm for several years and decide to go natural have NO idea how their hair is going to look. And this TERRIFIED her. She’d had been transition for about 4-5 months and hated the two textures fighting for control. She wanted her natural hair to be same texture like her Mother (Grandma was half Indian/African American) and knowing her if it didn’t come out that way she’d made plans to straighten it. She even began to chicken out more by stating “Maybe I will get it pressed, cut into a bob, then gradually get it trimmed until all the perm is out.” I was supportive of whatever decision she made regardless but I definitely wanted her to embrace her hair texture.

After a few moments of debate she decides to do a big chop. That’s done now to pick out a salon. I didn’t recommend her to the Salon I’m used to going due to the long ass waiting list PLUS they had a tendency to overbook their hair stylists so you will wait awhile to be serviced. I knew of a young women named Aliah, who owns her own hair salon called 2 S.W.A.G (sister with a gift) and I knew she is excellent with natural hair at hair so I encouraged Mom give her a try.

Here is Mom’s hair before the appointment!!! 🙂


Her at the salon!!

The hair cut included shampoo, conditioner, steam hydration, and shape up. When Aliah began cutting I realized me and Mother had the same texture! I know DUH that’s your Mom!! (lol) But you will be surprised that many Mothers, Daughters, Siblings, etc… do not share the exact hair type. Moving forward. Like me she has 0% shrinkage in the front with loose curl at the top but has  80% shrinkage on the back with a kinkier texture.


The End Result!! & She likes it! She really likes it!! She could not stop looking at herself in the mirror lol. Aliah did a great job and I was more than happy she embraced her natural texture. She told me she will more than likely keep it short. Its much easier for her to maintain it plus she has carpool tunnel in her hands so twisting hair is definitely out of the question. I think I may have found a new hair stylist to go to…..





I was in tears when I saw these memes!! LOL!!


Since going natural I’ve had DOZENS of people stop in their tracks and ask me a million and one hair related questions (which I didn’t mind, I love talking about hair care 🙂 ). People also ask if they could touch my hair and I grant them permission. I never once felt the urge to falcon punch someone for touching it BUT people always had common courtesy to ASK me before they violated my tresses. My friends touch my hair at random and I don’t mind because they are indeed MY FRIENDS but I probably would karate chop a stranger in the throat if they did so at random without asking. One of my close friends, no matter how close you are to her, if  you touch her hair she goes BANANAS!

I say this to ask you, have your tresses been violated by undesirable finger tips? How do you feel when it happens?