R&B Sensation Vedo Mesmerized listeners at his mixtape release party for 93!

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On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, R&B YouTube sensation and former top finalist on season 4 of NBC’s The Voice, Vedo presented his latest project 93 at Suite Lounge in Atlanta, GA.

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At Suite Lounge, Vedo performed his renditions of hit songs like, Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” and Drake’s “Hotline Bling”. After the performance, he showcased project 93 to music industry professionals such as SESAC’s Associate Director, Writer/Publisher Relations Greggory Smith, music producer Troy Taylor, ATL singer-songwriter Rahbi Raw, Grammy Nominated Mastering Engineer Dvante Black, S.T.E.P.S Events’ Jamahl King along with other music tastemakers just to name a few. Family, friends and die-hard Vedo fans were also in attendance.

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(Left to Right) Grammy-Nominated Mastering Engineer Dvante Black, Vedo and Writer/Publisher Relations Greggory Smith

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(Left to Right) Vedo & Singer/Songwriter Rahbi Raw

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(Left to Right)Singer/Songwriter Antonio Ramsey and his manager Ziggy

The significance behind the number 93 goes beyond the fact that it is the year that he was born in. It challenges listeners to relinquish any negative encounter in one’s life. Even though 93 consist of R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop elements, Vedo saw fit to include a track that was inspired by his mother, “I Know”. The YouTube sensation also collaborated with NNTME MuCo. Producer Cassius Jay on the melodious R&B track, “Can I”. “ 93 is my contribution to reviving the authenticity of real R&B music, while making sure I pay respect to those that laid the foundation. I would like everyone to listen to 93 with a clear conscious. Listen to it and let it touch you because of what you went through. This project has an unlimited amount of meaning.” stated Vedo

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Just When I Thought I Couldn’t Love Tyrese Anymore Than I Already Do…

Then he has this interview ❤ 🙂

Love, Love, LOVE his latest interview with “The Breakfast Club’s” very own Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee, where he discuss the success and inspiration of his new and final album Black Rose, while dropping words of wisdom for the viewers. His album is now the #1 Independent album in the country and I love how he sought to prove R&B music is not a dead genre.

I especially love how he explains that you do not need to compromise yourself into getting into situations or antics just to create a buzz around your creativity, which a lot of people seem to fall into. You can still become successful with no features or following trends for publicity.

Well enough of me blabbing. I’ll let the interview speak for itself. 😉

Love, Love, LOVE Chris Brown Latest Interview!

Chris Brown recently interviewed with Hot 97’s Ebro, where he opened up about his trials and tribulations with drug use, with Rihanna, with Drake, with losing endorsements, handling lawsuits, jail time and how he was able to move forward with his life.

Based on his temperament in the interview, he appears to be in a happier place in his life, despite all the craziness that’s been going on around him (& still is). I’m very pleased to see that he is doing well and I hope he continue to strive for positivity and prosperity 🙂 .

Quick side note, I would LOVE to see a dance off between him and Usher! #justsaying

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Bonus Video! 😉

Stream Chris Browns Latest Album X Here:

My Exclusive Interview With Taylor Gang’s Very Own Courtney Noelle!

My Exclusive Interview With Taylor Gang's Very Own Courtney Noelle!

Singer and Songwriter Courtney Noelle and I had a chat about her latest mixtape Love On The Run, how fans reacted to her music and what fans should anticipate from the newcomer.

*Here’s my full interview below with my collaboration with {C}Magazine*

What was the moment you decided you wanted to become a singer? I read somewhere that you were initially too shy to come out as an artist so what that “a ha” moment?

 Courtney Noelle: “Well. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I went to school and I went to college and I knew that it wasn’t for me at all so I kind of had to get over being shy. And then the more assurance I got from my peers and my family, who assured me that I could totally do this and you, are really talented and you should do something with it. My family really gave me the boast that made me want to pursue singing because at first I was too scared, I just wanted to be a songwriter.”

“How would you describe your music style?”

 Courtney Noelle: “My style is really laid back, really mellow, and laid back…I kind of stick to the love topics because its universal and I like to write from experience so every song that I write is 99.9% of the time is about personal experience, so I keep it real, I like to draw from real life situations and my choice of, you know usually a beat I choose…very melodic and soft, I like to get the message across. I don’t like a lot of noise to over power the words so I like it to be smooth, laid back and girly! (Giggles)

I see you released your latest mixtape Love On The Run and how have the masses taken to your music? What were the reactions?

 Courtney Noelle: “It was very, very good! A lot of people who are fans of Wiz are fans of mine because I’ve been on so many of his projects, and I’ve been on tour with him very early from that so I wanted to make sure that I didn’t give them anything that was too messy and I wanted them to hear the same girl they’ve heard on Wiz’s CD or on tour and I wanted to stay authentic to what I’ve done from the start…so everybody accepted the music really well.”

The songs on the mixtape, Love On The Run, are they fresh, new material? Or were they songs that you’ve written for other artists and decided to keep these for you?

 Courtney Noelle: “Well I have like a folder of songs that I just pick and choose when to give them to someone else so I will separate them by folder. If I know for sure it is something I can’t see myself singing I will put it in a folder to give to someone else but Love On The Run is all like…every song is specially made for this mixtape, for me…like I had an idea how I wanted it to sound…I had an idea on how I wanted every beat to sound, the way I wanted to be arranged so all the songs on Love On The Run were picked specifically for Love On The Run but there are some songs that have been done for years, Love On The Run been in the making for almost two years now so like one of the oldest song I have on there is with Juicy J is called Without You, which was one of the very first songs I recorded for Love On The Run and that have been done for about two summers (Giggles).”

What is your personal favorite song(s) on Love On The Run?

Courtney Noelle: “Two and Three are my favorites. Chance and On The Run are my two favorite songs because they’re really personal songs and every time I listen to them I can vividly remember writing them and recording them…those two are very personal and my two favorites. “

What will be your next single and when should we expect it to be released?

Courtney Noelle: “Well Fooled is doing really well right now so we are still trying to decide what we are going to do where we are going to take Fooled and on the next single we are putting together video treatment and ideas…after I leave Atlanta I am going to LA so we can put in the next single, start working on the next video and things like that so we will be releasing the next single soon.“

Other than getting the next single up and running, what is the next step for you?

Courtney Noelle: “Tour. I will be touring this summer along with Taylor Gang, promoting Love On The Run and getting it out there. Promoting for my single Fooled and whatever the next single is that we are choosing. The video for Fooled is done. We just got the final edits back for that so we will be releasing that we just have to figure out what network to premiere it on. So after the videos are out we will be going on tour. “

About Courtney Noelle:

Courtney Noelle is an emerging R&B singer and recent Taylor Gang signee, mostly known for her collaborations with Wiz Khalifa on his mixtape “Star Power.” She is featured on Bankroll, which she performed along Wiz on his “Wake and Bake” tour, also on “Burn after Rolling” and she is featured on One Way. Courtney has collaborated with Chevy Woods, on his “Pilot Shit” mixtape, on a song called Crazy. Courtney was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

At the age of 17 Courtney started recording her material. After hearing the young songbirds demo, Universal Records invited Courtney to New York to meet with her and potentially discuss her future. Feeling she wasn’t ready at the time, she was still offered her an internship to learn the inner workings of the music industry. She was later signed to the Trackmaster Label “Brookland Ent./Universal Republic” along side Lil Kim, and LeMarvin, but parted way with the label in 2008.

After leaving New York, Courtney then moved back to Pittsburgh to start her journey over once more, which may have been the blessing she needed, while home recording she ran into a child hood friend and up and coming rapper Wiz Khalifa and the rest was history!

Be sure to connect with Courtney Noelle here:

Website: http://www.courtneynoellemusic.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoveCourtneyNoelle
Twitter: @CNBBRAND
Instagram: http://instagram.com/cnbbrand

*Listen To Love On The Run On Her Website Here:* http://www.courtneynoellemusic.com*