Wash Day! My Hair Routine

IMAG2926I wash my hair every 1 1/2- 2 weeks. For time purposes I ONLY prepoo when my hair is extremely dry or extremely tangled. Before I wash my hair, I make a point to remove all shed hair before proceeding.

Prepoo: I divide my hair in four sections. I saturate my hair with water then add my prepoo mixture to each section at a time. I finger detangle to remove shed hair and knots and use hair clips to pin the hair out of the way. Next I place a plastic cap on my head for about 30-45 minutes. On rare occasion, sit under the dryer for 30 minutes.

IMAG2924Shampooing: I release one section of hair from the hair clip, thoroughly saturate the hair with water than use the Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo (African Black Soap Shampoo when I want a more “clarifying” effect). I massage the shampoo in the section then rinse it out with water. Instead of using the Raw Shea Butter shampoo for the second wash I use Shea Moisture’s Co-Wash so my hair doesn’t feel too stripped while being able to rid my scalp of excess dirt. Rinse out the co-wash, clip the hair out the way and repeat this step with the other three sections.

IMAG2929Conditioning: I keep my hair in the four sections and use my Conditioner mix to thoroughly saturate my hair strands. I clip each section of hair out the way of one another and place a plastic cap over my head. I sit under the dryer for 15-25 minutes. If I don’t use the dryer I keep the mixture in my head for 45 minutes to an hour. Once out the dryer, I detangle my hair each section at a time with a wide toothcomb, place my hair in two strand twists then rinse the conditioner out. I place a tee shirt over my head wrap it turban style to absorb excess water then proceeds to style.

Styling: While my hair is still damp I apply my moisturizer/leave-in of choice, apply my styler, then two strand twists in smaller sections. I apply the grape seed oil right after. I do not apply grape seed oil if my African Shea Butter mix is used as my styler.

At Night: Once my hair is twisted I keep it in a satin scarf. I also have a satin pillowcase on nights I don’t feel like putting on my scarf and to preserve my sexy (lol). I absolutely HATE bonnets with a passion. They seem to ALWAYS get lost in my sheets. 90% of the time my hair is in two-strand twists and I leave them in my twists all week. I only let my hair down for special occasions and/or events. I am too lazy to re-twist my hair every night so I will place my hair in the infamous “pineapple” bun.

And that Is IT! Tell me all about your routines and what works for you!